QM Talks@CBPF: Bruno M. Escher (IF-UFRJ) — 10.07, 14h p.m.

Next Wednesday we have Bruno Escher, from the IF-UFRJ, talking about metrology for noisy quantum systems. This talk is part of our Quantum Mechanics series of talks at CBPF. Be sure to check (subscribe to) our calendar:xml ical html

Here are the details about the talk:

Speaker: Bruno Escher (IF-UFRJ)
Title: Quantum Metrology in Noisy Environments
Coordinates: 10.07, 14h @ CBPF Seminar room 601C
Abstract: Quantum Metrology deals with estimation of parameters taking into account the constraints imposed by quantum laws. The estimation is based on measurements made on probe systems undergoing a parameter-dependent process. For noisy systems, the computation of the minimum achievable statistical uncertainty in the estimation of physical parameters is still a challenging problem. In this talk, I will present a variational approach to calculate the minimum statistical uncertainty, which is given by the inverse of the square root of the quantum Fisher information. Some applications of this approach are also discussed.

B.M.Escher, R.L. de Matos Filho, and L. Davidovich, Nature Physics 7, 406 (2011);
B.M.Escher, R.L. de Matos Filho, and L. Davidovich, Braz. J. Physics 41, 229 (2011);
B.M. Escher, L. Davidovich, N. Zagury, R.L. de Matos Filho, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 190404 (2012).


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