Beat that!

The quantum information school has started. And the level of excitement is really high!
The bus bringing some participants from Rio lost control in a sharp turn, crossed the lane and hit a truck. Yes, you read that, a truck. Look at the pictures.

Crashed bus

Raul Vallejos and the crashed bus

Now, seriously, luckily no one was hurt, neither from the bus nor the truck driver, and not even a third car that got involved… The organization arranged for another a bus that took us the last 17Km, to finally reach Paraty.

After a brief welcome by the organizing committee, Atac Imamoglu started with the lectures trying to keep the level of excitement.

Quantum photonics: Quantum optics using semiconductor nanostructures — lecture I, Atac Imamoglu

Atac’s first lecture introduced the main features of optically active quantum dots (QD). In his case a quantum dot is semiconductor structure with a discrete optical excitation spectrum. The QD is formed in a junction made of GaAS-InGaAs-GaAs.

Atac's first lecture

Atac’s first lecture

For the moment he showed how to repeat standard quantum optics experiments, like Hanbury-Brown-Twist correlation, with this self-assembled quantum dots. The main advantage of the QD experiments, when compared to “traditional” quantum optics (think for instance of Haroche’s experiments) is that the quantum dot, which plays the role of the atom, is stably trapped and can be easily addressed. Very impressive results of Hong-Ou-Mandel kind of experiments. Next lecture we’ll have QDs in cavities!


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