The Ghost in Paraty

2013-08-06 11.03.11

The Orbital Angular Momentum of Light – Lecture I, Miles Padgett

In his first lecture, Miles presented Computational Ghost Imaging. Experiments in the 1990’s developed Ghost imaging with (quantum) correlated light, and later led to the study of Ghost imaging with (classical) correlated light. In these experiments, the spatial correlation between two optical fields allows for the reconstruction of an image, even when the light that probes the object is detected with an area-integrating “bucket” detector. This led to computational “Ghost imaging”, which allows for reconstruction of the image of an object using a single pixel detector. In this setup, the object is illuminated with a random spatial “crossword” pattern, and the intensity at the detector is registered for each pattern. Knowledge of the random pattern allows one to construct the image of the object.


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