QM Talks@CBPF: Gilberto Nascimento— 18.09, 16:30h

Our series of seminars resume now with Gilberto Nascimento (CBPF). See details below:

Speaker: Gilberto Nascimento (CBPF)

Coordinates: 18.09, 16:30h @ CBPF seminar room 601C

Title: Two-site Bose-Hubbard and spin N/2 system

Abstract: I am using the spin-boson representation of some interacting two-site Bose-Hubbard models to get spin N/2 systems. In this talk I’ll suggest these models for experimental realizations at RMN lab. We can compare the RMN results with numeric calculations for the bosonic representation. I am also suggesting to use RMN to study entangled states in the Bloch sphere.


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