Colloquium @CBPF: Dieter Suter (TU Dortmund) — 01.10, 16h

quantum Rio

Prof. Dieter Suter from Dortmund is visiting the qig@CBPF for two weeks, as part of the program Ciência sem fronteiras (science without borders).

During his visit, Prof. Dieter Suter will give a colloquium at CBPF. Everyone is welcome! See details below.

Speaker: Dieter Suter (TU Dortmund)

Title: Quantum Computers: The Future of Information Processing?

Coordinates: 01.10, 16h @ CBPF, Auditorium 6th floor

Abstract: Processing of digital information has progressed at an enormous speed over the last decades and thus become an indispensable resource. Still, for some computational problems, no efficient algorithms are known for today’s computers. If quantum mechanical systems are used, instead of classical ones, these problems become solvable with an exponential speedup over classical computers. We will discuss some demonstration experiments of quantum information processing on spin systems and discuss some necessary steps to make quantum computing reliable.

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