Taysa and Nina rock the Scientific Internship Day @ CBPF

Last week we had the Scientific Internship Day here at CBPF. That’s the day when the undergrad students doing their internship at CBPF must show what they have been up to. The projects take roughly an year, and they’re most of the times the first encounter the students have with research in physics.

If you can still remember your first talk (sorry to dig that up ;-)), you can imagine how nervous the students were. But Nina and Taysa, internship students at qig@cbpf, got their jittering under control and delivered really great talks!

Taysa presented her results on nothing less than a full experimental implementation of Grover’s search algorithm in NMR! Grover’s algorithm gives a quadratic speed-up for quantum computers when compared to classical computers, and it’s one of the most celebrated results in quantum computation. Here are Taysa’s slides, where you can see more details.

Nina did a more theoretical work. She investigated the dynamics of entanglement in an entanglement-SWAP protocol. Entanglement-SWAP is a way to exchange entanglement between two parties that never interacted! This is as counter-intuitive as important protocol. It is, for instance, the key ingredient in the so-called “quantum internet”. See Nina’s slides for more explanations… and for the special participation of SpongeBob Squarepants and its crew!

For their great presentations, Taysa got the first place in the Scientific Internship Day and Nina got a honorific mention!! Well done!

… undergrads implementing quantum protocols, and kids playing with quantum concepts in Minecraft (qCraft)… It feels like a quantum revolution is about to happen. Let the quantum computer be!


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