Scott in Rio

quantum Rio

Rio is willing to become, among other things, a hub for quantum information in South America. To push that further, this week Ernesto and Thiago, from the Infoptics@UFF, invited Scott Aaronson, from MIT, to lecture about the relations between complexity theory and quantum optics. Yes, a BosonSampling week!

Scott, as he said himself, can be most usually found in the deepest corners of complexity theory. Recently, however, he’s been trying to come up with physical implementations that would put in check a cornerstone of computer science, namely, the ECT… okay, let’s get started and go through all the capital letters acronyms so common in CS (gee!).

Lecture 01: The Extended Church-Turing thesis

Scott’s plan for this first lecture was to give a crash course on complexity theory. As the classroom is packed with a heterogeneous crowd (all possible combinations between {undergrad, grad-student, postdoc, professor} and {physics, math, computer…

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