QM Talks@CBPF: Osvaldo Jiménez Farías — 18.03, 14:30h

Dear All,

Our next QM Talk@CBPF will be given by Osvaldo J. Farías. Osvaldo is joining the qig@CBPF as a postdoc to work with noisy cellular automata. That is a subject that he and me have been willing to work on for a long time, as we discovered chatting over a coffee sometime ago, and we finally got this going. Stay tuned for the results that will come out of this collaboration. I’m sure they will be plenty and very interesting!

To introduce himself to the group and to everyone willing to know more about his research, Osvaldo will give a QM Talk@CBPF covering his previous results and also telling a bit what he plans to do here at CBPF. A sneaky preview can be found here. More info below.

Very welcome Osvaldo!

Speaker: Osvaldo Jiménez Farías

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 18.03, 14:30h

Title: Entanglement Dynamics: experiment and theory

Abstract: The estimation of the entanglement of multipartite systems undergoing decoherence usually requires access to the final state and its full reconstruction through quantum tomography. We found that when one of the parties of an initially entangled two-qubit system is subject to a noisy channel, a single universal curve describes the dynamics of entanglement for both pure and mixed states. Our result, is experimentally demonstrated using a linear optics setup. We also present a novel experimental setup which allows access to the noisy environment degrees of freedom. This new technique opens the possibility to study new phenomena in the dynamics of entanglement revealed by full tomography of the global system including the environment.


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