Colloquium @CBPF: Gerardo Adesso — 07.08, 16h

Lucky for us Gerardo Adesso is already what we call here a “figurinha carimbada”, that is, someone nice that shows up very frequently. Gerardo has a Science without Borders grant with Diogo O. Soares-Pinto (IFSC-USP), and whenever he’s in Brazil we manage to bring him to Rio for a couple of days. This collaboration is both fun and productive! This time we invited Gerardo to deliver a colloquium, that for sure will be great. I hope to see you there! Here are the details:

Speaker: Gerardo Adesso (University of Nottingham)

Coordinates: Auditorium 6th, CBPF. 07.08, 16:00h

Title: Quantum technology beyond entanglement

Abstract: Quantum information theory is built upon the realisation that quantum resources such as superpositions and entanglement can be exploited for novel or enhanced ways of processing, encoding and manipulating information, such as quantum cryptography, teleportation, and quantum computing. We now know that there is potentially much more beyond entanglement behind the power of quantum processors. There are more general forms of quantum correlations, that have been identified in almost all quantum states, that can survive up to high temperatures and macroscopic scales, and have been linked to the speed-up of quantum devices over classical ones in the presence of noise. Their presence represents, among other things, a signature that quantumness extends far beyond the microworld. In this Colloquium I will give an overview of the current quest for a proper understanding and characterisation of the border between classical and quantum correlations in composite systems, and provide an outlook of the different applications in which quantumness beyond entanglement looks fit to play a key role.


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