EXP Seminar: Dieter Suter — 10.09, 15h

As I said in the previous post, the next days we have the visit of Prof. Marcos Saraceno (Tandar Laboratory, CNEA) and Prof. Dieter Suter (Dortmund University). Both of them will be giving talks on subjects related to quantum information; Marcos on the theory side, and Dieter on the experimental front. Below is the info on Dieter’s talk, which is organized by CBPF’s experimental department (see here for Marcos’ talk). See you there!

Speaker: Dieter Suter (Dortmund University)

Coordinates: auditorium Oliveira Castro, 1st floor, CBPF. 10.09, 15:00h

Title: Magnetic resonance of nanoscale samples: principles and applications

Abstract: Magnetic resonance provides valuable information on virtually every type of material, in physics, chemistry, medicine and other fields. In many applications, its usefulness is only limited by its inherently low sensitivity. If the amount of available sample is limited, it becomes difficult to acquire a signal that exceeds the thermal noise of the detector. In these cases, it is often possible to increase the signal by several orders of magnitude by adapting the resonator to the available sample. We show examples from NMR and EPR, where miniaturized resonators allow one to measure samples with dimensions in the nanometer to micrometer range. Apart from increasing the sensitivity, these microresonators also generate microwave fields that are orders of magnitude stronger than those in conventional resonators for the same amount of available microwave power.


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