QM Talks@CBPF: Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida – 20.05, 16:30h

Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida (qig@CBPF) is one of the most well known physicists from Brazil. His list of articles is as long as dense, and his book “Hamiltonian Systems: Chaos and Quantization” holds the status of a classic in the field of dynamical systems.

The first time I met Alfredo was in 2002 at the Max Plack Institue in Dresden. I was there for my first postdoc, while Alfredo was there to receive the prestigious Martin Gutzwiller Fellowship. My admiration for his immense knowledge only grew since then. Nowadays I have the honor of having my office just beside Alfredo’s office, and the possibility of learning from him in every coffee break or small chat. However, as he has way more to teach us than I can drink coffee, Alfredo offered to give a talk on his latest results in our QM Talks@CBPF. Be sure not to miss this chance! The details follow below. See you there.

Speaker: Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida (qig@CBPF)

Title: Semiclassical evolution of correlations between observables

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 20.05, 16:30h

Abstract: The kernel for the evolution of multiple quantum correlations between observables within the Weyl representation can be mapped onto the trace of a single continuous family of compound unitary operators. Thus the semiclassical limit of this kernel can be ascribed to the periodic orbits of a corresponding family of classical compound canonical transformations, in the celebrated manner of Gutzwiller. Breaking these periodic orbits, leads to an initial value alternative that avoids both the search for orbits and singularities at caustics or bifurcations.


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