QM Talks@CBPF: Nadja K. Bernardes – 16.09, 16h00

The Paraty Quantum Information School and Workshop is over… or is it?
The actual conference it is over, but its effects are still strongly felt. Our next seminar of the series QM Talks@CBPF will be delivered by Nadja K. Bernardes, a researcher from UFMG. She gave such a nice talk in Paraty, that we invited her over to hear more details… She was faster, however, and is already collaborating with the qig@CBPF in an experiment to see some non-Markovian effect. So she’ll no only give a talk here, but also fine tune the details of the experiment they are performing.

These are not the only consequences of the last Paraty in Nadja’s life… She will be in the organization of the Paraty 2017!

The details of her talk are below. See you there!

Speaker: Nadja K. Bernardes (UFMG)

Title: Experimental observation of weak non-Markovianity

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 16.09, 16h00

Abstract: Non-Markovianity has recently attracted large interest due to significant advances in its characterization and its exploitation for quantum information processing. However, up to now, only non-Markovian regimes featuring environment to system backflow of information (strong non-Markovianity) have been experimentally simulated. Here, we report an all-optical observation of the so-called weak non-Markovian dynamics. Through full process tomography, we experimentally demonstrate that the dynamics of a qubit can be non-Markovian despite an always increasing correlation between the system and its environment. We also show the transition from the weak to the strong regime by changing a single parameter in the environmental state, leading us to a better understanding of the fundamental features of non-Markovianity.


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