QM Talks@CBPF: Fernando Nicacio – 23.09, 16h00

Giving continuity to our series of seminars, this week we’ll have Fernando Nicacio, aka Boiuna, among us. Fernando was advised by Raul Vallejos (qig@CBPF), and at the moment he holds a postdoc position at UFABC, working on quantum thermodynamics. Boiuna is a very charismatic person who can discuss quantum mechanics as easily and passionately as he can discuss the lyrics of the next Carnival “samba enredos” — two major issues here in Rio.

The details of his talk are below. If you are interested in good physics delivered in a good mood way, be sure not to miss Fernando Nicacio’s talk!
See you there.

Speaker: Fernando Nicacio (UFABC)

Title: Effective Dynamics of Harmonic Networks in a Thermal Environment

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 23.09, 16h00

Abstract: In this seminar, we will perform a thoroughly study of the dynamics of an arbitrary network of coupled harmonic oscillators aiming at the establishment of trustful simpler effective Hamiltonians and Liouvillians. We consider the weakening a few coupling constants in the network, as put forward for the linear chain configuration in [1], and grow over it by expanding the idea to general topologies and by including thermal baths. We show that, in this general scenario, it is still possible to attain an effective dynamics involving just a few quantum systems and, at the same time, keeping a high accuracy in the description of the physical properties of the harmonic network. In order to illustrate the predictability of the reduced dynamics, we present a comparative predictions between exact and effective descriptions in the context of propagation of energy and correlations through the network.

[1] M. Plenio & F.L. Semião, New Journal of Physics 7, 73 (2005).


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