New Article: Experimental realization of the Yang-Baxter Equation via NMR interferometry

A new article by some members of the qig@CBPF, in collaboration with the physics institute from UFRGS and the IFSC-USP, has been published in Scientific Reports. Read the abstract below, and access the article here.


Title: Experimental realization of the Yang-Baxter Equation via NMR interferometry

Authors: F.Anvari Vind (CBPF/UFRGS), A.Foerster (UFRGS) , I.S.Oliveira (CBPF) , R.S.Sarthour (CBPF), D.O.Soares-Pinto (IFSC), A.M.Souza (CBPF), I.Roditi (CBPF)

Abstract: The Yang-Baxter equation is an important tool in theoretical physics, with many applications in different domains that span from condensed matter to string theory. Recently, the interest on the equation has increased due to its connection to quantum information processing. It has been shown that the Yang-Baxter equation is closely related to quantum entanglement and quantum computation. Therefore, owing to the broad relevance of this equation, besides theoretical studies, it also became significant to pursue its experimental implementation. Here, we show an experimental realization of the Yang-Baxter equation and verify its validity through a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) interferometric setup. Our experiment was performed on a liquid state Iodotrifluoroethylene sample which contains molecules with three qubits. We use Controlled-transfer gates that allow us to build a pseudo-pure state from which we are able to apply a quantum information protocol that implements the Yang-Baxter equation.


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