New Article: High Resolution non-Markovianity in NMR

A new article from the qig@cbpf, now in collaboration with the Enlight (the quantum information group from UFMG), appears today in the arXiv. See the details below, and have a good read!


Title: High Resolution non-Markovianity in NMR

Authors: Nadja K. Bernardes (UFMG), John P. S. Peterson (CBPF), Roberto S. Sarthour (CBPF), Alexandre M. Souza (CBPF), C. H. Monken (UFMG), Itzhak Roditi (CBPF), Ivan S. Oliveira (CBPF), Marcelo F. Santos (UFMG)

ArXiv: 1603.05667

Abstract: Memoryless time evolutions are ubiquitous in nature but often correspond to a resolution-induced approximation, i.e. there are correlations in time whose effects are undetectable. Recent advances in the dynamical control of small quantum systems provide the ideal scenario to probe some of these effects. Here we experimentally demonstrate the precise induction of memory effects on the evolution of a quantum coin (qubit) by correlations engineered in its environment. In particular, we design a collisional model in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and precisely control the strength of the effects by changing the degree of correlation in the environment and its time of interaction with the qubit. We also show how these effects can be hidden by the limited resolution of the measurements performed on the qubit. The experiment reinforces NMR as a test bed for the study of open quantum systems and the simulation of their classical counterparts.


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